My (French) Scout Camp: Part 1

Last weekend I went on a french scout camp.  This was a new experience for me as, before this, I had only been on English scout camps.  Before I went, I received two bits of bad news.  First and (in my opinion) most importantly my best friend Arthur couldn’t come on camp because he had to study for some very important exams he had coming up.  And second, my other friend Aymeric couldn’t come either.  But there was to much good news to worry about the bad news. Here are just a few pieces of good news I received before I even arrived at camp:

  • My other friends at scouts Gabriel and Christopher were coming
  • It was going to be based on video games which is a topic I really like because I don’t have any (Mum’s fault)
  • I heard it was a chance to make some new friends (which I found was true)

When I arrived I found out it was going to just be me and Gabs in a tent together I was really excited because the tents were meant for four Scouts so me and Gabs had all the space we could ever hope for.  And even better we were really experienced at putting up tents so we had our tent up in about ten or fifteen minutes.

We were sorted into teams.  I was put with Gabriel in team Mario (I wanted to be in Minecraft but their result changed my mind for me).

The first activity was based on Call of Duty.  We were in pairs and in defense or attack.  That was where I met my two new friends Alexin and Juliette.  Me and Gabs got them out of danger from an enemy defender (they were on the Mario team too).  It was a close call because our hands were tied together.  When we were in defense, one of us was blindfolded and the other was gagged so we had to find a solution for that problem.  For me and Gabs, the gagged one stood behind the the blindfolded one with their hands on the other’s shoulders and turned the blindfolded one to face the attackers so the only thing the other person had to do was shout SSSSSTTTTTOOOOOPPPPP!! VERY LOUDLY

Dinner was spaghetti bolognse and for dessert a chocolate biscuit and a raspberry yogurt which was disgusting (but the biscuit was great).  The spaghetti was also great.

That evening, I taught the French scouts Kumbaya and Ging Gang Goolie with Christopher on the guitar and Alex on the drums which were both popular with the French scouts (the songs I mean, not Alex and Christopher).  Then after each “campfire” they had a mass which went on for a very long time and we had to listen to this boring guy drone on and on and on about how we should be good people and respect God.

The next morning we had a small breakfast of baguette with either strawberry or apricot jam on top so I was very hungry for the rest of the day.

The first game that day was based on Minecraft and in my opinion was the best game of  the entire weekend for two reasons: firstly because it was so much like the real thing (and all my friends will know that I really like Minecraft) and secondly because it required a huge amount of teamwork.  There were four teams (the ones like Mario) and one big one which represented the mob army (like creepers, zombies, spiders and endermen).


Off to Scotland for a wedding

We travelled up to Scotland to celebrate Gayle and Adam’s wedding back in October.  We took two planes: one to get Heathrow and another to get to Edinburgh.  We had to take a day off school! Then Adam met us to give us a lift in his car to get our hotel which was pretty and as Euan would say: extremely luxrushy.  That evening we saw some of our uncles and great uncles and aunties – we also met Connor, a cousin we had not met before cos he lives in Ireland.  He was so happy that there were some boys to play with.  We had lots of fun with him.

The next day was the day of the wedding.  We saw Gayle and Adam get married and then had loads of photos outside the hotel.  Then it was back inside for some food, we got stuck in.  The food was delicious  and I completely devoured it.  Maybe I was hungry!

After that came the dancing which was Scottish and I joined in with a few dances. My favourite was one called Stripping the Willow.  The next day was time to go home the same way we came after a spectacular time. Here are a few photos:

All the men at the wedding….

The happy couple cutting the cake…

I was flag bearer at Notre-Dame

I am really happy because I got to be flag bearer at the British Legion Remembrance service at Notre-Dame, one of the biggest and most famous church in France!  Out of all the scouts Gillian (my scout leader) picked me because I was the second oldest scout, the oldest had done it last year and the flag was very heavy and I was strong enough.  I was very nervous when I first found out and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be it.  But being nervous soon turned to being happy when I decided to do it.  I had to walk down the aisle with all the other flag bearers, some old veterans both french and British and this Marshal, then stand by the altar for the whole service and then file out and parade outside for bit.  We even got our hands shaken by some important people wearing medals.

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Afterwards, we wandered back to the station and found an epic Lego store!!  I wanted to buy the shop.  What made it so special were the most amazing lego sculptures – one of Notre Dame itself where we had just been and the Arc de Triomphe amongst other things.

La Philharmonie

20160604_pixar en concertA long time ago now, we went to the Philharmonie in Paris and it was amazing. We got to see parts of our favorite PIXAR films on a big screen.  there were quite a few including :

  • A Bug’s Life
  • Up
  • The Incredibles
  • Brave
  • Wall.e
  • Cars
  • Finding Nemo

The show, which was called Pixar en Concert, was not made cool just because of the huge screen but also by the orchestra that accompanied it.  The conductor had a special screen that showed what was on the telly so that the timing was perfect.

It was a bit of a journey to get to the Philharmonie if you live in Maisons Laffite like we do.  Changing trains does take a little while at Charles de Gaulle Etoile and then a couple of changes on the Metro but it was well worth it.   Here are a few photos of our amazing experience.

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Centenary Camp in France

The Centenary Camp happened a few months ago now but I can still remember it as though it was yesterday!!  It was so brilliant!!!  When I finished school on the day that camp started, I was really excited about it all.  I was going with my friends, Ewan and his brother Joseph, because Mum is a leader and she went early to help set up.  After watching a bit of Pink Panther in Ewan’s car we arrived.

While we were there we did all kinds of stuff including:

  • orienteering
  • backwards cooking
  • cooking
  • putting up tents
  • taking down tents
  • hiking
  • den building (me, Gabriel and Aymeric added this one) 

The drive wasn’t very long.  When I arrived I thought that the campsite was more of a museum because there was a big chateau at the gate.  But behind all that was a really big campsite with a big grassy area and a huge amount of forest.  I loved it.  It was a perfect balance between open space and forest.  There was a tree-house and a “haunted house” and a big thunderstorm while we were out orienteering (annoying) and when we got back our coats were soaking.  That was my least favorite part.  My favorite part was when me Aymeric and Gabriel built a den.  It was so good, you could sleep in it if it hadn’t got broken.

We walked to Germany – Strasbourg Part 3

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We were so excited that it was snowing.  We hoped that it would snow loads and loads.  But it didn’t really snow that much and it was melting quickly in the morning.  But maybe if it had snowed too much we wouldn’t have been able to visit Germany.

We caught a tram (our favorite type of transport in Strasbourg) to the end of the line and then off we went.  Heading towards the Rhine which makes the border here.  Every now and again we found snow that we could make footprints in which was fun.  Then suddenly there was the bridge.  One side was France and the other was Germany.  Right in the middle was the border.  We tried to speak German and french at the same time.  Failed, but it was funny and we came up with gutenjour (a mixture of gutentarg and bonjour).  Then we walked into Germany itself a bit.  Everything  was in German but with a bit of french thrown in there and it was funny walking from one country to the one next to it and back again.
















































































































































































































































































































































A Trip to Strasbourg – Part 1

It was parent/teacher meeting day so there was no school which meant we could do our homework on Friday and then go on an adventure by TGV on Friday evening.  It has been a tough term but we both did good in our reports, even in French and we have only been learning it since September!!

Euan was very excited to go on the TGV – the fastest trains in Europe – I have already been on one to go on my school trip.  It goes very fast…..

Can you see the speed? 317km/hour!! That’s very fast.

So we went from Paris to Strasbourg in a bit more than 2 hours and that is about 500km away!  Wow!

Arriving in cold Strasbourg

Strasbourg is an important city for the European Union and there are lots of business hotels near all the European Parliament and other important buildings.  But at the weekends they are empty so we got to stay in a very nice hotel with a swimming pool (it was a very cold swimming pool!!) and a sauna – Mum and Dad say they got a really good deal!

A bit of ‘Lukrushy’ as Euan would say!!

After a yummy dinner – the biggest bowls of spaghetti bolognese that we have ever seen – and Euan falling asleep at the dinner table, we went off to sleep in our big comfy bed ready for some exploring.