Oh so quiet…not been much on the blog

I was looking through my photos and saw all these cool things that we have done since the Summer.  And it made me realise how few posts we had done since the Summer.  And part of the reason for this blog is a memory bank for our time here as well as to share with friends and family what we have been up to as we don’t get to see people so regularly.

We ended the last school year on a lovely high with Creagh finishing CM2 with an award for best effort of which were all so proud of.  A great end to a pretty tough year for him at school.  Moving country and school with a new language to learn in the last year of primary is no small feat.

We had a great trip to Edinburgh in July with Mum and Dad the photos of that made a really cool photo album for a Christmas present for them.  We had another a superb holiday in Brittany before heading back to school in September.  The benefits of 10 weeks of summer holiday – we even squeezed in another camp with Hannah’s 4th Beaconsfield Scouts!!

Big jump up for Creagh now in college with different subjects and a complex timetable to get his head around.  But his effort with FLE (French as a foreign language) and in his lessons have landed him a really great report – felicitations no less.

Creagh has finally written about Gayle and Adam’s wedding which was such a good time and did a great post about carrying the flag at Notre Dame for Remembrance Day.  But we still haven’t posted pictures of our trip by train to Barcelona – so many awesome photos to share from that.

Christmas was fun (and Star Wars) filled and filled too with lots of travelling and time with family and friends with visitors for New Year.  So maybe we have a bit of a New Year’s Resolution – to catch up a bit with our memories of the last half of 2016 here in France and to be a bit more regular even if we just post a few photos!

So Happy 2017!  Wishing everyone all the best for this year.


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