The Crazy Weather

So we got wet at Easter after amazing weather for Euan’s birthday weekend.  Then we went on holidays.  We went to Greece for 10 days…..

…we had beautiful weather – unseasonably warm so we are told by the locals.  More about that in another post!!

Then we went to the UK where we had to have the heating on it was so cold.  There was sleet and hail and hard frosts……and we went camping.

That was the frost on mum’s tent in the morning.  Brrrrr.  So cold but at least the sky was blue and the sun came out. Again, the camp deserves a separate post!!  We had a great time.  Despite the cold.

When we arrived back in Maisons-Laffitte it was incredible.  We went from mid winter to mid summer in a train journey.  The sun was out, all the horse chestnut trees in our car park were in full leaf and green, the flowers in our garden were incredible.




It was amazing – the colour and the scent of the flowers was superb.  And we had some crazy alien plants growing in the lawn – like mutant grass.  Dad and me we had to do battle with it!


But it didn’t last for long.  The rain started.  And didn’t seem to stop for most of May.  Maisons-Laffitte was flooded.  The Seine was at its highest level for years and years.  Here are some pictures of the once in a lifetime scenes…

These pictures are of the Hippodrome in Maisons-Laffitte before and after!  Any races here would need the horses to swim.  And playing in this play park was more for the ducks!!

We were spared rain for our camp – hooray!!  And last week we had some respite but the forecast for the week is not great – lots of rain.  The School fair had to close early on Saturday because of a torrential downpour and it rained loads on Sunday.  The river level has gone down and we can nearly see the hippodrome completely.  Fingers crossed the river doesn’t rise again.


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