Easter Weekend – Bike rides and Paris landmarks

The weather began to show us what it would have in store for a lot of the Spring at Easter although we had a nice day on Easter Sunday and went on a bike ride but oops – it didn’t start well…

…..can you spot the problem??  No chain!!  We were a little way away and snap goes Dad’s chain.  Mum walked the bike back to make a yummy Easter dinner and we went back to the lake we have been to before.  It was a a lovely ride.

After dinner we had special pudding – nids de paques or Easter nests.  They looked pretty
but they were soooooooo sickly sweet.  None of us could manage more than a quarter of one so next year we will skip them!

In France, we don’t get Easter Holidays – there is no day off on Good Friday just Easter Monday.  We missed our cousin’s 18th birthday in Gloucester because we couldn’t miss school.  I hope Kieron had a fun birthday – we were sad to miss it..

So on Easter Monday, we went on a trip into Paris to see something new.  We went to see very famous Parisian landmark – Le Sacre Coeur.  This beautiful white church sits on a hill and can be seen from all over Paris.  The part of Paris that it is in is called Monmartre and it is also very famous and very pretty – even in the rain!!  We got very wet as we walked around and very cold when the wind blew, it was very windy up there that day.

Here are some pictures of a very beautiful, if a bit wet and windy, Monmartre.  The sun did come out in the end and the Sacre Coeur is beautiful with a blue sky background.

We walked up and down steep hills and stairs.  We found art on the walls – this area is famous for the street artists and all the famous artists that hung out here.  We found a tiny vineyard nestled in amongst the pretty buildings and round the corner from the Sacre Coeur there was a lovely old church that was empty of tourists (the Sacre Coeur was full to bursting!!) – really special little church with a statue of the saint who despite having his head chopped off carried on preaching until he reached the site where the church is now.  The grand doors in the picture above is of this little church.

We watched the rain fall on the Eiffel Tower and it was ghostly sight through the rain.  Despite getting a bit wet we had a fun day.


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