We walked to Germany – Strasbourg Part 3

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We were so excited that it was snowing.  We hoped that it would snow loads and loads.  But it didn’t really snow that much and it was melting quickly in the morning.  But maybe if it had snowed too much we wouldn’t have been able to visit Germany.

We caught a tram (our favorite type of transport in Strasbourg) to the end of the line and then off we went.  Heading towards the Rhine which makes the border here.  Every now and again we found snow that we could make footprints in which was fun.  Then suddenly there was the bridge.  One side was France and the other was Germany.  Right in the middle was the border.  We tried to speak German and french at the same time.  Failed, but it was funny and we came up with gutenjour (a mixture of gutentarg and bonjour).  Then we walked into Germany itself a bit.  Everything  was in German but with a bit of french thrown in there and it was funny walking from one country to the one next to it and back again.

















































































































































































































































































































































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