Strasbourg-Part Two

When we woke up we had a quick swim in the rather deep and cold swimming pool and a rather relaxing five minutes in the sauna.  Dad was on the top bench of the sauna and he was really, really sweaty when he came out (I think at least some of it was just water).  We had loads of fun and lots of laughs.  After that we went back to our room to get ready to go out in the cold for the day.  Oh, yes, breakfast (nearly forgot!) – we stopped off in the restaurant for breakfast.  We love breakfasts in hotels.  Chocolate cereal (we never have that at home), pancakes with honey, bread and scrambled eggs…it is so fun to wander up and down and get lots of different things.

Then off we went to explore Strasbourg.  We were a bit disappointed because we thought it would snow loads but no snow.  In Strasbourg it is fun to travel as they have trams.  We jumped on a tram and headed to Petite France.  Strasbourg has a bit of a German sounding name and we are really close to the border between France and Germany here.  The border kept moving throughout history.  We took lots of pictures….

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It was a tiring day…..

…the next day we walked to Germany!


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