A Trip to Strasbourg – Part 1

It was parent/teacher meeting day so there was no school which meant we could do our homework on Friday and then go on an adventure by TGV on Friday evening.  It has been a tough term but we both did good in our reports, even in French and we have only been learning it since September!!

Euan was very excited to go on the TGV – the fastest trains in Europe – I have already been on one to go on my school trip.  It goes very fast…..

Can you see the speed? 317km/hour!! That’s very fast.

So we went from Paris to Strasbourg in a bit more than 2 hours and that is about 500km away!  Wow!

Arriving in cold Strasbourg

Strasbourg is an important city for the European Union and there are lots of business hotels near all the European Parliament and other important buildings.  But at the weekends they are empty so we got to stay in a very nice hotel with a swimming pool (it was a very cold swimming pool!!) and a sauna – Mum and Dad say they got a really good deal!

A bit of ‘Lukrushy’ as Euan would say!!

After a yummy dinner – the biggest bowls of spaghetti bolognese that we have ever seen – and Euan falling asleep at the dinner table, we went off to sleep in our big comfy bed ready for some exploring.



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