Galette Des Rois

We took part in a very French tradition.  After making Galette des Rois with both cubs and the scouts, Euan really wanted to make it at home. After Christmas, these big round pastries appear in all the bakeries and the supermarkets. Big puffy flaky pastry, filled with frangipane or almond and can be quite expensive.  There are supposed to be eaten on epiphany or the fiirst sunday after new year but it seemd like they are available as soon as xmas is over until quite late into January.

They come with a golden crown and inside there is a surprise. A fève which is a little bit like finding the sixpence in Xmas pudding. If you are the lucky soul to get the little ceramic shape hidden inside, you get to wear the crown and are le roi for the day – the king.

Tradition says that the youngest person hides under the table and says who gets which slice. So we thought that we would do the whole thing with the crown being a Santa hat. But who got the fève?

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We can share a recipe. You can have a go.

Galette des Rois recipe


One thought on “Galette Des Rois

  1. Hi Euan
    Today I had pancakes as it was Pancake Day for us [or Shrove Tuesday]. Mine had cheese inside and Nia had lemon and sugar.


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