The Year Star Wars Ruled Christmas


Started on Christmas Eve it did.  Had a surprise trip to the cinema, Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens to see.  Excellent the film was.  BB8 and Rey we especially liked.

Then Christmas proper began it did.  Lots of Star Wars presents we got.  No idea why people knew that fans of Star Wars we are.  All that see you on the table, Stars Wars gifts we received they are.

Star Wars Monopoly – 2 games, one in French and one in English (everyone Euan told – that want this game he did, amazing it is that more of these  appear did not!!), so many cool books, jigsaw of the original film poster, action figure playsets, pencil case, no cuddly toy but cuddly dressing gowns of Darth Vador and Jedi Master and, of course, Lego, Lego and more Lego.

By Yoda (well Creagh in disguise….)


5 thoughts on “The Year Star Wars Ruled Christmas

    1. Oh yes!! It is a complete Star Wars blanket coverage. You cannot believe how excited they are with every item. But the pull of Star Wars and Clone Wars means that they will even watch it in French with English Subtitles. Learning French via Star Wars.


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