Seeing friends…

It is good to catch up with friends. Lunching in old haunts on half price day with Alyson,  Ian and Caitlyn. Running around in Langley Park with Ann, Alistair, Lucy, Maddie and Emily getting very muddy and making new friends…hello to Nicky and Hannah, hope you had a good evening last night and that we can meet again. Movies with Seb and pizza with Hannah and Ollie.  Lunch with Mags and her lovely crew. Mum sneaking off for dinner with pals at the cosy Royal Standard of England and brunch at The Cape with Rosie.

Post some photos if you have them. Here are a couple of ours….

Happy Christmas everyone. We hope Santa finds us ….but just in case we left pillowcases out in Maisons-Laffitte.  🎅🎅🌲🌲🎅🎅

After seeing if Santa finds us here we are having breakfast then off to pause Xmas to celebrate Auntie Kathryn’s special birthday. Then we carry on Christmas for as long as we can. Have fun everyone.


6 thoughts on “Seeing friends…

    1. Hi Marie, next time we’re over we must get together. We were lucky with who was around at this time of year everyone is so busy. Feb probably. Of course you are welcome to have a trip to Paris! Happy Xmas and a good 2016. Xx


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