…I couldn’t consolidate my telephoning skills this morning, Creagh was still ill this morning (but I think he sounds better – playing Kung Fu Panda with Euan and giggling right at this moment!!)

So we went to the Dr’s and probable virus, nothing to worry about.  If it is still a problem on Monday then blood test.  But as Kung Fu game and giggles with little brother probably means he will be fine by Monday!!

Good job too as we will be in the UK trying to say hello to friends and travelling to see family.  We all want to be well for that.


2 thoughts on “Update…

  1. Hi Lynn,
    Remember us – Nicky and Hannah, who you met in Langley Country Park on Sunday 20th December. Well, thanks for telling us about your blog. France looks fun.
    Merry Christmas to you.
    If you’re interested, we’re having a little soiree at our house in Yiewsley, from 6pm on Tuesday 22nd December (mince pies and mulled wine). It would be great to see you!
    31 Winnock Road, West Drayton, UB7 7RH.
    Best wishes


    1. I do remember you. Thank you for your invite and we would love to join you. We have friends coming over this afternoon on their way to north London so realistically we may not be able to. 😕. Glad you like the blog. We must get some new pics on here really. So busy seeing people though and having fun. If we don’t make it this evening then have a lovely Christmas and hopefully you will keep commenting on the blog and maybe we can meet in Langley park next time we are here?
      Lynn, Creagh and Euan p’s I have taken down your address in case you want remove your address from your comment at all X


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