Small triumphs…

…come in the shape of making an appointment in French over the phone.  Creagh isn’t very well – I don’t think it is anything serious but the general headachey, pale, tiredness just isn’t going away.  Probably just a virus, there seems to be a lot of it about at the moment.

But it made me feel a bit bad that we haven’t registered with a Doctor at all.  Not getting around to it because  of the need to make phonecalls that would require more French than I had and wanting a recommendation of a good English speaking Dr.  However well the French is coming along, I think it will be quite a while before I can confidently discuss matters of health.

So, fueled with a bit of guilt and a sick child, I asked a friend and got a recommendation,  I prepared (a bit of searching words on Word Reference and Google Translate, a bit of muttering through a few sentences), picked up the phone and did it – secretly hoping that the receptionist was a pretty good English speaker.

I have successfully ordered a sofa bed in French but that was in a shop and the power of pointing and miming when stuck can never be underestimated!  But pointing and miming doesn’t work on the phone.  (I must confess to a bit of satisfaction when the sofabed arrived in the expected size, colour and the right mattress.)

The receptionist couldn’t speak English.  But she was very patient and spoke slowly and clearly for me so I could understand most of what she said.  And I did make myself understood without too much stuttering and hesitating.  Success!!   I got a text through to say I had an appointment – I really had managed it.  Hopefully, tomorrow when Creagh bounces out of bed all recovered, I can have the chance to consolidate my success by phoning to cancel the appointment.  Fingers crossed!



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