We have discovered chouquettes.  They are like sweet, puffy, light as air, melt in the mouth yumminess!!  We are not sure which of two boulangeries near us sell the best ones so we keep asking mum and dad to get a few more every weekend so we can decide.  Maybe we never will.  Mum likes them too – we buy them in bags of ten but there never seems to be ten when we open the bag!!!!


4 thoughts on “We love CHOUQUETTES!!

  1. Hi boys!

    Chouquettes sound lovely. I’ve never had one. I’ve had a courgette, though. Are they similar? I went out and bought my very first Christmas tree today and had great fun decorating it. I bet its not as good as yours, though. Looking forward to seeing you soooooooon…


    Uncle Mike


    1. Hi uncle Mike
      Chouquettes and courgettes are really very different. We will get some when you come to visit so you can taste them.

      We posted a picture of our Xmas tree so you can compare your one. See you sooooooooooooooon
      Creagh and Euan


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