My School Trip

…to St Hilda de Riez which is a small seaside town south of Nantes.  The journey was in three stages: first, after arriving at school as 5.45am (thanks Dad!!) we traveled on the coach🚍 to get to Gare Montparnasse and then we got on the TGV🚄 (my personal favourite) to get to Nantes then finally on the coach🚍again to St Hilda de Riez.  The second coach journey was completely boring  yet the first one was interesting because we saw the Eiffel Tower🗼 when it was sparkling and lit up plus the Arc de Triomphe was also lit up.  So we got a school trip and a sightseeing tour of Paris in one, pretty cool, huh?

Anyway, when we arrived at Gare Montparnasse we had a little luggage mix up because some of the name tags had become smudged therefore hard to read, so when the teachers got us off the coach🚍 they had to look at the labels for some time before they decided that this suitcase  was hers and that suitcase was his.  When we got onto the platform we had a rapid luggage sort out so we had our own suitcases in that carriage’s luggage compartment so it was easier to find.  On the TGV🚄 we were allowed to get out our DSs to make the journey go by quicker.  I don’t have a DS so I got out a book instead (it didn’t make any difference, the journey still took six hours and a half🕧).  When we got off the train🚄 at Nantes there was a great deal of grumbling from Federico and Max because they had enjoyed the journey so much (they aren’t the only ones that enjoyed the ride).

When we arrived at Nantes station, we got on the coach and began a one hour and rather boring journey to St Hilda de Riz which unless you were in Monsieur Rio’s class was extremely uneventful so I won’t write much about it (oops, I’ve already written three lines.  Doh!).

Once we got there, we clambered off the coach and unpacked our stuff.  I met the people in my dormitory: Aymerick, Arthur, Manolo, Gabriel, Solomon and Charles-Henry.  After that things were rather a blur as more and more stuff happened including: sand patterns (boring), three picnics on the beach (fun)and sand yachting (yippee).

We also did loads of circus skills like juggling, bouncing on a trampoline which I loved, we had a go on unicycles (really hard), tight rope walking (much easier than I expected) among other things. It was brilliant fun.  I got back to school on Friday night at time 9.45pm, I was falling asleep whilst eating some dinner which I struggled to eat because there was so much to tell everyone!!

We worked hard after the holidays to use our new circus skills to rehearse for a show so we could let our families see what we had been working on.  Then we showed a slide show of the whole trip which was great to remember everything.  I made some good friends there.

Mum got a couple of photos of the show – they are a bit blurry but I’ll stick them in anyway.  I did some juggling and some groovy balancing tricks with a peacock feather as well as joining in with the group stuff.  It was great fun.



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