Mushrooms, mushrooms and more mushrooms

It is officially Autumn and the range of mushrooms available has increased – this is the season for mushrooms.  In the forest we saw people with baskets out foraging for them.  I took the safer option and went to the mushroom stall at the market – yes, a whole stall selling just mushrooms.  Not knowing what to buy I asked for 10 Euros worth of a mixture of mushrooms….


I have to say, I wasn’t expecting quite so many – the photo doesn’t do justice to the amount I got.  So we have had mushroom orzo pasta, mushroom pie, mushroom stoup with dumplings and mushroom risotto.  I still have some enormous cepes left… what shall I do with them?


3 thoughts on “Mushrooms, mushrooms and more mushrooms

  1. I don’t really like mushrooms. You will have to eat them to make them disappear though. 😮 Next time you come back please tell us so we can see you. I’m well.
    Seren 😃


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