Did we tell you that we have joined a cub pack?

We are now members of the 1st Maisons-Laffitte British Overseas Scout Group.  We have a green tie with yellow trim and yes Mum is Akela!!  We meet once a fortnight on a Friday night.  The first night we played games and some of them were to help the new cubs learn their promise and their law.  And we had a pack forum so we could say what things we liked to do at cubs.  There were lots of things on the list – cooking, den building, sleepovers, camping…. we are looking forward to doing all these things.

The  next week we made mug cakes.  That was super fun. You put 4 tablespoons of self raising flour into the biggest mug you can find followed by 4 tablespoons of sugar,  You crack an egg into the mug and mix really hard until the egg and flour and sugar are all mixed.  Then add 3 tablespoons of oil, 3 tablespoons of milk and mix again.  If you like chocolate then 2 or 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder (and choc chips or raisins or nuts or….well whatever you think might taste nice) and mix again.  Pop it into the microwave for 3-4 minutes until the cake has stopped rising – it is really fun to watch it rise and it is a good idea to put the mug on a plate in case it all overflows!  Let it cool a bit and enjoy!

And last week we built sedan chairs from bamboo canes and sticks Akela had collected from the woods. We learnt some knots using edible laces first.  After we built our sedan chairs we carried the smaller cubs around.


2 thoughts on “Did we tell you that we have joined a cub pack?

  1. Were the little cubs heavy? Did you find the knots easy? I am still learning how to tie my shoelaces. Building the chairs sounds exciting but tiring! 😅 I’ve tried climbing the bush in my garden.


    1. I was one of the little cubs and some of the sticks mum collected from the woods were very dry and some of them broke and I fell off! Everyone laughed. I am learning to my laces. I can nearly do it but when I do get it right they come undone a lot. I did like practising tying knots with those sweetie laces, when we got them right we could eat them. Yum. From Euan xx


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