Bike ride in the forest

On Saturday, we went on a bike ride in the forest and we cycled round Etang du Corra.We were playing Harry Potter,I was Harry,Creagh was Ron and we were pretending that Toothless was in the lake catching fish.We found a mini beach and me and Creagh played on it.The forest is so big.Foret St Germain - sunny day Foret St Germain - Etang du Corra 1 Foret St Germain Etang du Corra 2 Foret St Germain etang du corra 3 Foret St Germain Etang du corra 5

We had so much FUN!!  It is a lovely bike ride away and we cycle along the London to Paris path.  We can’t believe it is October – it was so warm.


4 thoughts on “Bike ride in the forest

  1. Euan Jacob said that you were coming back to England is that true? Mummy said we were going to meet up 🇫🇷
    Look forward to meeting up!


    1. Hi Seb
      It’s true – I am coming to England for my holidays. I am coming to Beaconsfield when you have your half term. Mummy says I am coming to see you on Tuesday and I can stay late cos she is going to do some work in Amersham in the evening. Maybe I can have a sleepover. That would be sooooooo coool. I can’t wait to see you again. I have so much to tell you. Love Euan


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