We are now members of 1st Maisons-Laffitte Scout Group….

….and I am Akela but with no assistant leaders!!  Oooh nooo.  I do miss my team.  We meet on a Friday night once a fortnight and Creagh and Euan are making friends and having fun there.  I feel a little overwhelmed but there are some lovely parents to help me out.

So from a rather manic start – a real ‘thrown in at the deep end’ kind of start – I find that it is already nearly the end of term, only one more meeting left – I made it!  I have a new tie and badges (lots of badges to sew on).  Euan has been invested – no photos I am afraid as being Akela, I was the one investing him! He is  a proper cub, not a spare cub like he has been for quite some time.  The cubs are now in Sixes and I think I know all their names now.  So beginning to feel like I know what I am doing!

We have cooked mug cakes, made sedan chairs, wrapped presents for the Church’s Xmas Fayre’s Lucky Dip, constructed towers out of spaghetti and marshmallows and next week we have a treasure hunt planned for the last week.  Just pray that I don’t lose any cubs on the way around!! That wouldn’t be a great way to end the term.


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