‘Rennes should be called Rains’

That was a quote from Euan.  Last year we went to Rennes and it rained so hard that when we returned to our ‘lokrushy’ hotel (Euan again – it had spinning comfy chairs in the room and when you are 6 that constitutes lokrushy especially when it is in front of a mirror and you can pull funny faces at yourself every time you spin around), if we stood still for too long we left a puddle.

This wasn’t helped by the fact that a canopy we were eating galettes at collapsed drowning us in what felt like gallons of water!!  The room looked like some of the cabins we camped in in NZ when Duncan and I were cycle touring – it knows how to rain in NZ especially the South Island’s West Coast.  Well, Rennes last year could have been twinned with Hokitika!!  And boy it rained when we were last there and it rained for 3 days solid!

Anyway – another year, another birthday (for me) and another trip to Rennes and guess what?  It was raining.  Maybe it never stopped!  It wasn’t raining quite as hard this year honest.

There we were sheltering in our little Wendy House when a park warden on a moped came and spoke to us very earnestly in very fast French!  What had we done?? Then in very simple English and some sign language we understood that the park was being evacuated because the high winds and the very old trees were not a good combination.  Much drama!!

So we found a creperie and as it was my birthday I had a special crepe for dessert, to see the boys faces as much as anything else.  Yes, I went for a flambee and it was worth it.  The photos, unfortunately don’t do it justice – you can’t see the flames even – so I will leave you to imagine a crepe crowned in flames (and apples, caramel beurre salee and ice cream – well it was my birthday!).


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