I did go to school too this week….

A bit late as it is now Thursday and I went to school on Tuesday – I started the school this week too.  I got to go in a day later starting at 2pm but Euan had to go in all day.  I went in with a smile and still had a smile on my face when I came out.  I find it really hard when the teacher is speaking just in French and I don’t know what is going on.  But it is friendly at school and I love cycling there and back.  But – disaster- I have a puncture!!  Tomorrow we will have to walk.  But Daddy will be home from Taiwan tomorrow so we can fix it together at the weekend.


3 thoughts on “I did go to school too this week….

    1. To Miss Williamson,
      At my new school I already have a few new friends and am settling in brilliantly . My french lessons are really hard and I’m doing my best to understand them.

      I’m really excited about going on a field trip for five days and we are going to be on a TGV and do sand yachting.

      From Creagh.


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