We went to Vannes for a day – Part 1 the Aquarium

On the rainy day that we had, we went to Vannes and to the Aquarium there.  When we arrived there, there was a rather long queue.  Fortunately, it only took us 15 minutes to get in.  When we got in, the first thing we saw was a huge model of a great white shark suspended on two long wires.  In the first pool(it didn’t have a lid), there was a huge catfish, several large rays, a few medium-sized turtles and lots of tiny fish huddled in groups.  We watched the massive catfish swim almost effortlessly around the pool, the turtles and the rays chase each other and fish steal the turtles food.   The next pool had a few even bigger rays that lay motionless at the bottom for most of the time, but one of them came up to the surface to get a good look at everyone.  There were also little sharks that were very energetic  in the pool with the rays.  The sharks seemed to find harassing the rays extremely  fun.  They also enjoyed chasing the little fish around the pool.  The relaxed rays, in a way, got their own back though, by lying down and falling asleep after each chase.

face to face with a big fish

Then we moved on to the littler tanks which were just as amazing as the previous two even though the creatures were much smaller.  One particularly amazing tank was the one that had three small seahorses swimming around in it.  There were two adult females and one young male.  The male was hidden in seaweed.  I reckon he was relaxing because he was not moving much  and the females were swimming right in front of the glass.  I could tell which was which because the male had a dark patch which is used for carrying the female’s eggs.

seahorse 2Seahorse 1

The next amazing thing we saw was a large cuttlefish which changed colour to green as we looked at it and because of this I whispered with a slight giggle to Euan “That cuttlefish looks very unwell!”  The cuttlefish kept on changing colour  until it seemed to settle down and stick with the sandy yellow one it was in.

After  we moved over to see the tiny jellyfish.  They were pretty cool too as they were moving quite fast especially the younger ones.  The tank’s lights changed colour rapidly making the jellyfish change colour too as the lights shone though the jellies.  They swam almost lazily through the water in their tanks.  But the most a amazing tank had to be the last one because it had three big black tip sharks, one green turtle and one other turtle.

I like seeing things from under the sea – mum thinks it is because I watched too much Octonauts when I was little!!  But I love the Blue Planet too!!  And I want to be a marine biologist.


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