School Starts…

…we still have some fab photos to share of our holiday, particularly Euan’s friend at Bar de la Plage in Port Navalo and the rain in Rennes!!  But I wanted to share how big and brave Euan was today.

On Friday, both Creagh and Euan went into their school to have some tests to help put them in the right classes for both English and French.  Euan was really teary about going but he went in and did well.  They both got their uniforms all ready to start this week.  But it was Euan who started school proper first.

He started this afternoon at 2pm and went in really brave and came out smiling.  I am really proud of him.  Moving to a new country and starting a new school and a school that half the time is teaching him in a language he doesn’t speak yet is massive.  Well done Euan!!

getting their uniforms In my class room

happy at the end of the first afternoon

Euan was smiling at the end of the afternoon!

My classroom is in a converted old stable - Maisons-Laffitte is the city of horses!
My classroom is in a converted old stable – Maisons-Laffitte is the city of horses!

He is a bit nervous about going to school for a full day tomorrow.  I think he will be great and then he gets to have a half day on Wed.


8 thoughts on “School Starts…

  1. Well done Euan your classroom looks fan I am sure you will have a good day today after all you will have to go to school wherever you are good luck to Creagh for your first day


  2. Hi Euan, I haven’t started school yet. How was your first day at school? Have you learnt any new French words yet? I hope you are having fun!
    love from


    1. I have learnt that the vowels in French sound different and they include y as a vowel and it is called eclek. It has been fun so far but a little bit scary. We have so many books. Good luck with starting school.

      Euan x


  3. That sounds interesting. Was the work hard?🏡😃😄. I started school too.✨🌟😊😃 My new teacher is Mrs Elliot – who is your teacher? It has been raining all the time here☔️! Is there more sun in Paris?☀️

    Was your first day at school fun?


    1. I had a fun first day at school although I was a bit nervous. My teacher is called Madame Strich and she is French and I have an English teacher who is called Dave and he is very funny. The work was a bit hard . It sounds like we have had less rain than you but when it rained it rained hard. Some days have been really hot. Love from Euan


  4. Euan,
    I have now started school and my teacher is Mrs Mistry Sharma. I also have Mrs Cook on Wednesdays and Thursdays. I find Mrs Mistry Sharma stricter than Mrs Cook. Every Friday I have a French lesson but we haven’t done much French yet. Maths and Science are my favourite. Its been quite hot here.
    Love From,
    P.S Good luck!


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