My snorkeling – by Creagh

I love snorkeling too. The best snorkel was by the town Locqmariaquer. We had to take a boat from Port Naval to get there. The water was really clear and shallow and I saw 2 cuttlefish.  They were really small but Dad reckons I was really lucky to see them.20150817_150129

It was a fab boat ride there and back.


We had a great walk along the coast  and found lots of pikes of stones. We made some of our own.



7 thoughts on “My snorkeling – by Creagh

  1. Dear Creagh, Thank you so much for your lovely postcard, telling me all about the snorkelling, and the crêpes. I haven’t been to Brittany for 35 years but I can still remember how wonderful those crêpes tasted. I’m sitting in your conservatory now after moving all my stuff over from the palace. It’s odd just how much space there is here. I’m glad your Mom and Dad remembered to take you with them as it would have been a bit of a shock to find you here when I arrived.

    Lots of love,

    Uncle Mike


    1. Dear Uncle Mike,

      We feel like we have got lots of space here but maybe that is because a lot of our things are still in boxes. Enjoy the house and keep it nice for us – we’ll visit you soon.

      35 years seems a long time not to eat proper Breton Crepes. Maybe you need to visit again – we would come with you if you would let us come and not go when we have to be at school.

      Lots of love

      Euan and Creagh


  2. It sounds as if you’ve has an exciting and busy holiday. I’v only seen a cuttle fish in photographs or on the television so I agree with Dad you are a very lucky boy to have seen one for real. I hope the weather has been better for you than it has been here!

    Sent from my ASUS


    1. We did have an exciting holiday – we replied to your comment but we did it on Mum’s phone and the reception is patchy in Brittany! We didn’t ignore you honest!! Daddy tried to get a photo of the cuttlefish but not sure it worked.


  3. The cuttlefish was amazing especially when it changed colour. I might never see another one, I was very lucky. We’ve also been lucky with the weather. We have had lots of sunshine but we are rennes now and just like last year it is raining. Hope the weather improves for you so you can get in the garden and we will keep posting things for if it doesn’t stop. C & E


    1. School starts on Mon for Euan and Tuesday for Creagh. But we have tests tomorrow to make sure we go in the right class. Hope you are looking forward to going back school Seren and good luck to Nia. Did you all have a good holiday?


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