My first ever snorkel

I went snorkeling with Dad in the sea. I have never been snorkeling before. I saw lots of fish and some crabs. I love snorkeling!

My first snorkel
My first snorkel
I was a bit cold when I came out the sea. Barr!
I was a bit cold when I came out the sea. Barr!

10 thoughts on “My first ever snorkel

  1. What fun! I’m glad you’re having a good time, Euan. You’re braver than me. Can you ask your brother what he might like for his birthday? Love, Uncle Mike


    1. To mike
      You don’t have to be brave you are just a bit cold when you come out of the sea. If I asked Creagh he would say Lego but you always buy us such good presents that I think you should surprise him. Love Euan


  2. Hi Euan, I did some bodyboarding in the sea. I got soaked when Daddy told me to push off in such a big wave I went upside down underneath. πŸ™‚


    1. That sounds funny!! Did you get water up your nose? Where we were there wasn’t any big waves but we played with a blow up body board like a lilo. That was fun but as not as much fun as snorkelling.



    1. I have started cubs here in Maisons-Laffitte. It is a British group overseas and Mum is Akela! It is very very fun. We have made sedan chairs and mug cakes. I have made a good friend at cubs – his name is James. You should try making mug cakes – it is yummy. You can find recipes on the internet.
      Love Euan


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