The Move – Day 2

We woke up too early after having gone to bed at 3.30am!!  But we had to have some breakfast and drive on to our house so that we could be there before the lorry.  But getting out of Rouen was a bit tricky and we ended up heading towards Caen – ooops!!  So back to Rouen we went to have another go.

We had to be very quiet in the car when Mum and Dad lost all signs to Maisons-Laffitte when they came of the autoroute.  They seemed to guess their way through a town called Poissy, and as if by magic they found a sign to Maisons-Laffitte.  Finally we got to our house….

Chez Millard
Chez Millard

The lorry had made it before us and so began unloading all the boxes.  The house is on 3 floors so we had fun exploring the house and keeping out of the way of men with boxes! Lots of boxes had to go to the kitchen and dining room on the middle floor so there was lots of stairs to climb with heavy boxes and it was a hot, hot day!

having a rest in the sun
having a rest in the sun

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