The Move – Day 1

On 3rd August, a big, big lorry turned up and there were lots of men in the house packing stuff.  Our house seemed much bigger with all the things packed away.  There was lots of moving boxes and carrying heavy furniture but we didn’t hang around – we went to Honor and Theo’s house instead.  Much more fun playing in Di’s garden and eating yummy banana muffins instead.  Who is going to miss the Mountfords most – us or Mum?

WP_20150803_09_03_45_Pro WP_20150803_12_37_41_Pro

Mum picked us up after the lorry left, we said cheerio to our lovely neighbours and climbed in the car at 4.30 for what was a marathon journey.  We got to bed at 3.30 am in a hotel in Rouen!!  Lots of things made us late – traffic and late ferries and a very hidden hotel in the south of Rouen!!  But we got to sleep in the car – mum and dad didn’t!

Us on the ferry
Us on the ferry – it was late!

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