Family Camp

Family camp was fun – we got soooooo mucky.  If dirt was a measure of how good a time we had then it was off the scale in a good way!  Mum got cross cos we both fell into the boggy mud in our new sandals.  Look at Creagh’s dirty legs!  We played by the island (and the boggy mud) with our friends as much as we could – Mum hardly saw us.


There was crate stacking and a zipwire. This is Creagh having a go at crate stacking and got as high as 14 crates – he was good but not as good as Maddie who got to 20 and won the prize for the highest crate stack.

cratestacking2 cratestacking1

We put up our tent on our own, saw owls really close up and then helped Mum lead the singing round the campfire – she couldn’t talk on Monday, we can’t think why but here is a video of some of it…

Family camp campfire

Mum didn’t want us to put it on but it is our blog!!  We asked very nicely.

euanandowleagleowl creaghandowl


4 thoughts on “Family Camp

  1. Hello Euan,
    Have you arrived in Paris yet? I will see you soon.
    I hope you are having a great time. Have you seen the Tour de France in Paris?
    Best wishes,


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