Some Scouting Farewells

Lots of fun last things before we go to France – last Beavers, last cubs and last camp.  Meant lots of cards, presents for Mum and general good fun.  Thank you to everyone for all the fun we have all had with 4th Beaconsfield and for all the lovely presents…..

scouting woman merino model orchid  rainlegsbeaver flowers

Flowers are brightening up the living room at the moment, please could someone tell us how to look after the orchid (mum is scared she is going to kill it!!), we love and agree with mum’s t-shirt (it says Never Underestimate the Power of a Woman with Scouting Skills), a couple of mugs, a posh merino thermal and the rainlegs for when she is cycling are fab.  Mum didn’t cry too much but she really did when she got pictures of all the cubs holding up signs saying they will miss her!!  We needed the tissues then.

Family camp needs a post all of its own!!


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