Beavers was fun…

Den Building (6)….we built dens then got very wet!  We went to Walkwood and built a den but it collapsed, luckily no-one was inside it!  I got to sit in it before it fell down though.  I think we were all a bit keen with our sticks which were really logs.  Then we played games with water and sponges and Owl sprayed us with water, it was such a very hot evening it was lovely.  It was 31 degrees!! Then we had ice-lollies.

I hope we have as much fun with the Beavers and Cubs in Maisons-Laffitte.  It is really good that we have found a town where there is a British Scout Group overseas to join.  We met the leaders at a cafe at Easter and they were really friendly.  I wonder what colour their scarves are?


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