We are off to France!! The count down begins…

And people think there are big houses in Beaconsfield……

40 days and counting!  Well, once I get the acceptance form to the removal company to make it official.  On the 3rd of August the house will be packed up and off we will go to our new home in Maisons-Laffitte.  We have a place to live, Creagh and Euan have a place in a bi-lingual, international school called L’Ermitage in the town – they will be able to cycle to school and I have found a Scout group (a British one!) to join so things are falling into place.

Just a small thing….need to learn to speak French.  Well, I speak a little but not enough to live on!!  The CD course that a friend has lent me is very good at sending me to sleep.  Mmmm – they say that you still hear things when you are asleep so maybe I will surprise myself with my ability to communicate when I get there in August.

Duncan has been working in France since the middle of February and it is a strange way for a family to live.  Duncan has to travel a lot for the job and then has to travel home most weekends on top so very tiring.  Then sometimes he isn’t home for ages and ages.  But the countdown has begun – not much longer now will we be apart but so much to do between now and then…..

So tonight I made blackcurrant jam and created a blog – essential I think!


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